The unfinished first prototype, still built on the old chassis of the Popular 1101, was presented to journalists at the end of 1945. The prototype was completed on March 6, 1946 and then rwent a promotional drive arround Czechoslovakia. This first car had a Tudor body (from the English two-door, two-door sedan). This name has been used to refer to all body variants. During April to October 1946, body variants of the ambulance, roadster, four-door sedan, tudor-convertible and van were gradually created. Serial production of vans and ambulances began during 1947, roadsters and sedans only during 1948. During 1947, the VO (Military Open) variant was further developed. In 1949, the body of the Station Wagon (STW) was created - a three-door station wagon. Our Tudor was made in 1951 and it is really one of the few preserved original STWs. The vehicle was last registered in Finland in 1967, according to the archives. Unfortunately, this is not a fatal intervention and during the renovation it can be easily removed and replaced with an original mask, which is fortunately for the vehicle. It was probably made in Vrchlabí, but it was also made in Kvasiny, Mladá Boleslav, even in Vysoké Mýto - but here in a very small number. A total of approximately 5,900 pieces of this model variant were produced.